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Roland VAD503 E-Drum Set - perkusja elektroniczna

Roland VAD503 E-Drum Set - perkusja elektroniczna
17126.00 (brutto)

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producent: ROLAND
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Bartek Brewczyński
telefon: 25 640 38 70
e-mail: biuro@midi.pl
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Roland VAD503 E-Drum Set

Roland VAD503 E-Drum Set, V-Drums Acoustic Design, full size drum pads, wooden kick and toms, finish: midnight sparkle, stainless steel snare drum, new lightweight and thinner cymbal design for natural appearance, set configuration: 1x 20"x16" kick drum (KD-200), 14"x5" digital mesh head snare drum (PD-140DS), 12"x8" dual-zone tom (PDA-120), 1x 14"x13" dual-zone floor tom (PDA-140F), 1x 12" dual-zone hi-hat pad and controller (VH-10), 1x 16" dual-zone pad with choke (CY-16R-T), 1x 18" digital ride cymbal pad (CY-18DR), 728 sounds, 55 preset kits, 45 user kits, prismatic sound modelling technology, Bluetooth 4.2 transceiver for streaming music from your phone to the module wirelessly or MIDI to compatible devices, sample reverb (IR) recalls recorded room reverbs, import up to 500 wav samples (max. lenght 24 minutes in mono), SD card slot (SDHC compatible), quick record, multipin connector (Trigger In) for 8 pads, 4x 1/4" jack trigger inputs for additional pads, 3x digital trigger inputs for Roland digital drum pads with multi sensor technology, 2x 1/4" jack main outputs, 2x 1/4" jack direct outs, stereo 1/4" jack headphone output, 1/8" jack mix-in, 1/4" jack foot switch input, MIDI In & Out, USB typ B for USB audio und USB MIDI, hardware set containing cymbal/tom combination stand, boom cymbal stand and multiclamp to mount drum module, delivery without pedal, snare stand, hihat stand and throne,


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