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American DJ Pixie Driver 2000 - sterownik

American DJ Pixie Driver 2000 - sterownik
1549.00 (brutto)

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producent: AMERICAN DJ
kod EAN: 818651027860
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Bartek Brewczyński
telefon: 25 640 38 70
e-mail: biuro@midi.pl
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American DJ Pixie Driver 2000

Pixie Driver 2000™ is designed specifically for the ADJ Pixie Strip 30, 60, and 120 series, and provides easy and versatile control options including simple on-board manual dimming and strobe control, and full pixel mapping control of 2,040 max pixels via Kling-Net, and 340 max pixels via Art-Net and sACN (streaming ACN) protocols.The Pixie Driver 2000 features a universal auto switching power supply (100-240v), a 4-button LCD control menu display, RJ45 Ethernet in/out ports, and (2) outputs which use proprietary, 4pin combo cables (sold separately) that supply power and data to each pixel strip, (available in lengths from 2 to 50 feet). The Pixie Driver 2000 can be mounted in a standard 19-inch rack (rack ears included) or attached to truss with a clamp (not included).





  • Power / data supply for ADJ Lighting Pixie Strip 30, Pixie Strip 60 and Pixie Strip 120
  • Manual RGB mode
  • Internal programs
  • Manual Dimming and Strobe Control
  • Full Pixel Mapping Control
  • 2040 Pixels via Kling-Net
  • 340 Pixels via Art-Net and sACN (streaming ACN)
  • OLED screen with 4-button menu


Control Quantity:

  • KlingNet: 34 Pixie Strip 30; 17 Pixie Strip 60; 8 Pixie Strip 120 per port, 2040 pixels in total
  • Pixie Strips can be mixed on each output
  • ArtNet: 170 pixels max each port
  • sACN: 170 pixels max each port



  •  Bolt to add an optional clamp to hang on truss
  •  Includes 19-inch rack mount ears
  •  Safety eye



  •  Power: Locking Power Input
  •  Two KlingNet / Artnet ethernet ports
  •  Two 4-pin proprietary DC 24V power/data outputs to Pixie Strips



  •  Multi-voltage operation: AC 110-240V, 50/60Hz
  •  Power Consumption: 400W max
  •  Operational temperature: -20°C to 45°C


Dimensions / Weight (LxWxH) :

  •  Dimensions : 480 x 150 x 65mm
  •  Weight: 2.8 kg.

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